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This is just one of TellyWeb's places for upload my artwork. the name TellyWeb is cause i want to create animated ideas as well.

I've been drawing for years, but i have been trying to improve on my skills since then. Aside from drawing art, i have also started on creating flash animation, which i hope to use and make my own animated shorts. I am working on some current ideas for my own brand of animated shows.
Characters/Shows include:
Dino's Re-Historic World
Super Angels
Charlie Chicken
Jenny in a Bottle
While the Owners' Away (An idea which may be written for a film)

But i also have a keen interest for drawing fanart and comics. sometimes referencing current events or classic gags.

Requests/Art Trade info:…
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Digital Lineart Drawing
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Up to 2 characters (Additional Characters will be charged at 10:points: extra.)
No colors, just some fancy Black lines.
Digital Colored Drawing
The Paradox PREVIEW by tellywebtoons
Danger Mouse rebooted by tellywebtoons
Obsciuri-JAM 2014 - Spider by tellywebtoons
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Up to 2 characters (Additional Characters will be charged at 10:points: extra.)
Background will be optional.
Digital Colored Drawing w/ Shading
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The Fighter and the Charmer by tellywebtoons
Doom and Gloom by tellywebtoons
Color drawing, but i can also add in shaded effects on the characters.
Up to 2 characters (Additional Characters will be charged at 10:points: extra.)
Background will be optional.
So, i think we can all agree, the past few days have been pretty sad.

The main story being the death of another legendary actor, Robin Williams, the guy who gave us the Genie in Disney's Aladdin, and Teddy Roosevelt in the Night at the Museum trilogy. And, as always, people have opened their hearts and given tribute to Williams, in memory of his performance and roles they remember him in. Even the Nostalgia Critic gave out a memorial to him.…

But, like every other event, some idiots will troll at anything. and this in particular was just awful. To those who hadn't heard, or don't use the social media, Zelda Williams (daughter of Robin) was being trolled on Twitter, with graphic, photoshopped imagery of Robin sent to her. That just sounds really wrong. The fact that someone on the internet had the nerve to think "A celebrity died? let's troll a relative of his!" Well, i'm only glad that those creeps got suspended from twitter. if they somehow come back and do it again, they need to get a life.

Another annoying set of trolls i came across were on Ashen's recent YouTube video. A half-hour crossover story, which just so happens to be sponsored by Dr Pepper, in which Stuart Ashens goes on a quest to retrieve his stolen sofa, got bombarded with random rubbish and hate comments, just because it has a product placement and such. This video had some great jokes, a neat cast of other YouTube guests (despite that i hardly know them) and a clever plot, and these people wasted they time typing it such annoying comments, almost like they didn't even watch the entire film. And besides, there was little mention of Dr Pepper throughout it. Were people like this when Weebl and Bob did those shorts with Creme Eggs??

I think Ashens should consider reuploading this and/or disable the comments. Especially since the annotated interactivity to this film is missing. Either YouTube is slow, or the content itself is yet to be posted.

Is the rest of this summer gonna be like this?

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